Friday, September 30, 2011

Blog Stalk , and why shady bitches make legit bitches look bad.


Now on to why shady bitches make the rest of us legit bitches look bad.
I was talking to a dear old friend the other day and he seemed to feel like he did something wrong, by calling out what seemed to be a shady bitch...
this conversation ensued... he will be called the Patient to protect his identity even though he know this is about his hairy ass:)

when asked what he did that was so fucked up
Patient responded:

I'm just bummed because of a female. She used to have a crush on me back in the day, we reconnected , talked for hours on the phone (when i say hours i mean 7+ hours a day and it killed my monthly minutes).
 I drove way out to her house to "hangout" and shit got weird.
She seemed like she liked me, we made out a little, but then night got real weird. She was broke and asked if i could drive her to her work so she could get a loan from a co-worker. Me being a nice guy i said sure. Then she had me park around the corner because as she put it, "her co-worker likes her and flirts with her, so she didn't want him to see her with me". I did as told and she got her money. We go back to her house and start to watch a movie, but she is constantly texting someone. i see its from some guy and he is thanking her. Movie is almost over and at the climatic end (It was Scream 4), and there is a knock at the door.
She gets up See's its some guy and says she will be right back. She barely opens the door, just enough for her to fit out, and sits outside talking to him. She then comes back in sayin her "friend"s sister just committed suicide and she has to go with him so her kids don't get taken away by CPS. I go leave as she is driving off with him.
I thought that it was a really weird way to end the night. we talked on and off and all of a sudden she changed her status to being in a relationship and I'm like WTF???? She said some guy wouldn't leave her alone, so she did that to scare him off.
Ive learned alot from my past relationships that have been sour, That's the best thing about them is the learning experience. I haven't had too many real bad ones, as i think you know, even after the break-up, i have remained friends with most (almost all) of my exes. But there where a few where i was cheated on and majorly burned, and i know the warning signs and the big red light was flashing. i saw what i thought were signs, but am now being told that its not what i thought. So i spilled my guts to her and now i think she thinks I'm crazy, which i probably am
I really haven't talked to her for a while (until today) and just spilled my guts. Told her how i have been burned and the signs that i saw kinda scared me. Ive learned not to let people in close to me, as i am afraid of being heartbroken, and i just saw myself falling for her way too fast and when all these weird circumstances popped up, i thought back to my time with Elizabeth and figured i was being played (which i might have been).
She says differently, but i don't know who to trust, her or my gut. After i told her everything all she could really say is, "um WOW... I'm speechless... I really didn't expect to hear that... Let me take all this in one mo again..." then i asked for her to say something and her reply was, "I'm... well... i really didn't expect to hear that from you... my chin is literally still on the ground...".
Am i crazy or what?!?!?

Yeah.... that's what i thought too boys and girls.... bitch is playin games. Patent has a history of being the "NICE" guy. He has always shown me love and respect, and that's sayin a lot...

DR. MAD WHITE WOMAN We were always cool, even when bitches weren't:) you always stood up for me, always had my back.
Sounds like said female is playing games. It's fun and easy.
Maybe she's not, and maybe I'm wrong. Maybe she's shocked cause you were honest... maybe your gut was right. I don't think your crazy at all. Sometimes REAL feeling are scary. And sometimes spilling it scares others...
Doesn't make you crazy. It makes you real, and real is scary.

PATIENT: That's what i thought, when i see things that are kinda weird and not right, i just get this feeling. She said she really liked me, and we were real close to doing some "dirty dancing" before dude showed up, but some things just wernt adding up.
I too was wondering if she was shocked because i saw right through her, and she hasn't told me that I'm wrong, just everything that i typed.
This is why Scorpios and Scorpios don't mix! Oh the sex might be SUPER CRAZY, but there's also alot of headbutting! I WISH I WAS WRONG

DR Yeah... but if you continued playing her game. Where would you be? Broken? Maybe she has a good excuse, but wouldn't there always be doubt?
Makes me wanna drive my ass over there and kick hers

 in all reality it was just a shit storm of unfortunate events that made him feel this way,
 I hope for bitches sake at least...

Why do you stupid bitches have to ruin the good ones for us legitimately trying to find a good man?? I don't know this chick, so i don't know her circumstance, but i do know a few of the other bitches who have scarred this great dude, to you I say FUCK OFF AND DIE... What the patient did here though in spilling his guts was a classic DAMAGED CHICK move... so you stupid bitches, this is what you sound like only worse, and DUDES, take a lesson from a gentleman, its OK to say how you feel, in fact its better than being an arrogant ass, this patient, instead of being all love sick puppy, or fucking asshat, decided to COMMUNICATE!!!

and if any of you real females are looking for a great dude, let me know, Ive got a line on a winner, so there is that...

Friday funny:)

over at
 This crazy bitch has decided to host a link up on fridays
for some funny shit.

Here is how i am feeling this week
thank you

This shit is for you,

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Shit I hate Sunday...

F. U.

  • Shit i hate.... When people disrespect their elders. Seriously get some fucking class.
  • Shit I hate..... that my kids dont fucking listen. I should beat them more.
  • Shit i hate... That my mr is all jacked up. Im so over his whiny bitch ass.
  • Shit i hate....Stupid bitches who dont know what they are fucking talking about.. shut your dumbass mouth before i shut it for you. 
  • Shit I hate.... fucking yard work...
  • Shit I hate..... people who think just because their kids are grown they can act a fool
  • shit i hate.... anything that comes out of your fuck mouth.
  • shit i hate..... Liars who lie about stupid shit... if your gonna lie it should be about something epic. not the dumb shit... really just fucking come clean.
  • Shit I hate.... Sunday

Friday, September 23, 2011

Lovely blog:)

Giant thank you to Christine at 
who gave me this

The rules for this award are:
1.Share 7 facts about yourself
2. Award another 15 blogs with the award

Seven things:
1. I have the best unlaws ever! they have taken me in and shown me so much love, kindness and support. they have shown me what family really is. I love them.
2. I have four brothers, i only grew up with one, and am starting to get to know the other three.
3. I swear... a fucking lot.
4. Sometimes I just dont to anything, i just lay around in my jammies all day.
5. #4 is a lie.
6. I am writing a book, and have a few offers to publish, but we shall see if it ever gets finished....
7. I just submitted an article for puplication in an ezine:)

I dont have 15 favorite blogs, so i will give you 4 of the ones i stalk regularly

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tiny Terrorist Tuesday


Ever since Mason could walk and talk
 i have been a broken record
"MASON CLAIRE.... Dont you DARE!"
as she is clilimbing the drawers up to the kitchen counter
                 like it is her own personal Mt.Everest

"MASON CLAIRE.... Get DOWN from there"
Cause she can

"MASON CLAIRE....  Get OUT of there"
as she plays in the bathroom/toilet

 as she screams
 "DAMN IT!!!!"
 at the top of her lungs while i remover her from each and every one of these situations.. 
Mason is like a ninja....
i am always right there while she is doing each and every one of these things,
but i never see her till it is too late..

Eventually i will probably write a Mason Claire children's book....
 or not,

Yeah. Good Times.
for her awesome artwork

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Shit I hate Sunday

Shit I hate..... that I'm a lazy bitch! Ha! That's all you get!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Fuck you and your opinion...

Being a preteen/teen age girl sucks...
My daughter will be thirteen in a few months.. yikes


She has some completely normal body image issues, frankly im pretty surprised they arent worse..
When i was her age i put on about 10 lbs right befor i started my first period, and another 10in the first 3 or four months after. I started loosing it about a year after..

My daughter seems to be following the same course and after speaking with olivia and her peditrician, because the weight gain bothered her, this is very normal for puberty. and in alot of cases nessicarry.

My daughter has since become extremely self concious. She is built simailary to her patternal grandmother, who is a beautiful woman. But olivia, like me, is destined to have a flat butt and larger than normal breasts. She is active, she eats well, and she is loved. She has some very supportive and positive female role modles and she still struggles.
I wish i could tell her that she will aout grow it, but really even as an adult i struggle with the same issues. Sometimes i hate being in my own, streched out, flabby, doughy skin. I feel her pain.
This morning as we were discussing the hardships of being a teen girl, i pointed out that body image issues do not just affect girls and women, but boys and men too. She thought about it, and agreed that it is probably equally distressing. then she said something that chilled me to the core...
She said
"i dont want to grandma's house anymore"
WTF?? where did that come from??
"grandma always says, i need to do MORE sit ups,
eat way less, and i should probably go on a diet"
"if your telling me as long as im healthy and happy, then those other things dont matter, but grandma says it EVERY TIME I SEE HER"
I told her if she didnt want to go, she didnt have to. and if she wanted me to i would talk to her grandma was about how what she was saying was hurtful.

Moving on, later this afternoon, i stopped by the house to have this discussion with her.
I told her what olivia said, and how i am teaching her to view her body as beautiful.... imperfectly perfect.
I expressed my concern that what she was doing and saying was hurting olivias feelings..
"don't worry about it, she will get over it"
was her reply...

Seriously?? i told her that being negitive and condecending wasnt helping her learn to love her body, it was helping to create an even deeper issue. As a lady who has been overweight for most of hy life if not hers, it was kinda funny... She hated being fat, and never did anything about it, so she hated us. it was just how it was.. I grew up thinking there was something wrong with me cause i could never be a size smaller than a 6, my hips were just a little too big, or i could never wear anything smailler than a large shirt cause my boobs were just too big..

I told my mother I will not be forcing my daughter into situations where the people who should love her unconditionally judge her and put her down.

funny thing is, im pretty sure she doesnt even care..

I am teaching my daughter
 first impressions are importaint,
Looks fade,
knowledge grows
she is
and no matter who she chooses to be or what she looks like,

Monday, September 12, 2011

breaking point..

Today's blog is a mess of random jumbles,
 bare with me..
 or don't,
 i don't care.

i have so many things going through my head today... and none of it is really important. but i cannot seem to just let it go. it is irritating...

I hate when people play the victim. You are who ever you choose to be, and to play the victim, you lose all your power and give it to someone else... if you CHOOSE to let circumstance define you, instead of defining your own damn self, i have something to say to you. You are who you choose to be, you are not what has been done to you. Only you have the power to change you, and how these events shape you. If you CHOOSE to play the victim, i feel sorry for you. Someday maybe you will really be ok with all of this.

I hate that there are people exercising the right to free speech who are complete idiots. get all your facts straight, and acknowledge that this is a theory biased on feeling rather than fact, especially when dealing with a situation in shades of grey not black and white as you are making it seem.

I hate that I'm am so sure of who i am that others feel threatened and try to cut me down. I am sorry I am ok with who i am, and what i believe. I will not be shaken in my faith and ability to be who i was destined to be...

i love the relationships i am building in my life, i am thankful to have such amazing support, i am thankful that even though we may not always agree, you will always be on my side, and you will always be honest. I love my family, all of them, biological and adopted.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Six word Saturday

Beautiful way to start my day

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Blog stalk Friday/ stupid bitches/ horrible language

As always thank you Rockin Mama, your a bad bitch! Now for the stupid bitches... you know who the Fuck you are... yeah giving me the stank eye all the fucking time with that other red headed cunt... yeah I said cunt. You stupid bitches have no fucking idea... Stank/skank eye, I don't know what the Fuck is wrong with your face, but if you keep looking at me like that, I'm gonna lend a hand and use your face for sidewalk chalk:) I sure love me some purdy pictures. Your kid is an ass and your man is ugly... sorry not my fucking problem. I bet your jealous:) As for the red headed cunt, you and your dumb ass comments about my daughter, your lucky we were at a school when you opened your fucking trap... before you open that thing again to talk about me and mine, take a good look around at your own fucked up situation... yeah, I saw that... bet you thought no o.e was watching.. To all the snobby, nose in air, cunt moms out there.... and I'm sure your prissy ass reads these, but would never admit it, remember the higher your nose is, the further your head gets up your ass:) Enjoy the view.

September blog hop:)

Check out this site for some amazing blogs!

Kids do the damndest things....


Mason is notorious for weird behavior...
Yesterday was no exception...

Mason is a every other day kinda pooper
after she was done using the toilet yesterday afternoon she says
"MOM!!! My butt really hurts, that was like a daddy poop"
Mason describes her poop like family..
Daddy poops are her percepion of huge and painful
mommy poops are easy
and baby poops are like rabbit pellets..

so then she says/yells
"MOM!!! i really need an ice pack for my butt"
I say no, your fine...
a few min later all is good and i walk out to get laundry
I come back in to this.
Mason in the freezer


"mom, i TOLD YOU i needed an ice pack"

running with said icepack


She runs through the house
to the front room
and on to the couch...
this is how i found her

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Shit I hate Sunday.....

F, U


I hate when the Mr bugs me while I'm blogging...
 seriously, keep your fucking shit to your self while I'm in the zone...
 i took me 5 min to type that sentence cause I'm a sexy bitch and he cant control him self.

I hate stupid bitches who talk shit,
yeah bitch,
I'm talking to

i hate anonymous commenter's...
quit creepin..
i disabled that shit,
that will teach you.

I  hate when there is a ton of toothpaste splatter on the mirror above the sink..
gross, clean that shit up.

I fucking hate Sundays...
why cant it be Friday

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Fucking ididots.....

Todays post was inspired by


Jessica Beagley, a 36 year-old Alaskan mom convicted last week of a single count of misdemeanor child abuse was given a suspended sentence of 180 days on Monday and fined $2,500.

The case against Beagley was initiated last November after she was shown on "Dr. Phil" pouring hot sauce into the mouth of her 7-year-old adopted Russian-born son and making him stand in a cold shower. Outraged viewers alerted authorities and the story attracted the attention of Russian and American media, who nicknamed Beagley "Hot Sauce Mom."

She made him drink hot sauce and then take a cold shower. Who does that to their flesh and blood? The same punishment should be done to her so that she realizes just what she did to him. That's child cruelty.

wow that aint rite she dont deserve to be a mom... piece of shit!!

 He isnt her flesh and blood, she actually ADOPTED him from russia.. She PICKED this child to be her son, thats all the more sickening if u ask me.. Lets pour hot sauce in her mouth..ugh!

Just to play the other side a minute, how many of you were never subject to parents that spanked, used belts, public humiliation, no dinner, smacks across the face for talking back, anyetc.? People do what they were taught was effective, usually by personal experience. Also, I'm pretty sure that hot sauce is minor compared to people who ACTUALLY abuse their children, causing actual physical injury or death. I don't support what she did, but I understand she thought it was right

I think what people don't realize is that when a child is abused like that they will grow up they will do the same thing to their child. Sometimes worse, sometimes not when they get help. Sometimes the cycle of abuse continues for many generations. This is a reality for some children.

So this etntire post pissed me off..

any thoughts??

Adventures with a pissed off mama...

Thank you

Fuck you.... Ive been been busy..

Things i was doin while i was not harrasing you stupid bitches..

My Mr. MANCHILD is still all fucked up, i swear his bitch ass is worse than the fucking kids....

I feel bad cause he looks like quazimodo on crack.... Its kinda funny to watch him walk around.
I am going to kick him down a flight of stairs maybe then his whiny bitch ass will go somewhere else.

School shopping....
 Im pretty sure thats gods way of punnishing moms. Its tourture. no one place has as eveything on each kids list its always a four store trip, so between three tiny terrorists, gas money for the beast, on top of the billions of pennies spent on said supplies.... sheer tourture!! 

My monsters dont go back to school untill September 12th....
 And even the tinyest terrorist gets to go this year.. for a while at least, untill she figures out the teachers weaknesses and exploits them.. yes i fully expect my child to be expelled from preschool...
 I love when they are home, but going to school definitely helps me appreciate them more.

The Crazy bitch is up to her old tricks again....
I mean seriously,
Grow the fuck up,
you wonder why i get so fuckin pissed off..
I do not want to hear about your dates,
I do not want to hear about you selling my dads
especially when its after the fucking fact and
your selling shit that i wanted
your pretty much a stupid bitch.

These bitches are hillarious