Saturday, April 27, 2013

Birthday Bucket list

Every year on my birthday I've made a list if things I'd like to accomplish for the coming year, with my 29th birthday ( the first of many I'm sure :) ) fast approaching its time to see what I've done!

1: Meet my birth parents. this has been on my list for years!! And sad to say I will not be doing this before I Turn 28, but I will be doing it before I turn 30!! Excited to see then in my Birth month, this year!!' Can't wait to write about it!

2: Get motivated, you know to work out more, eat better, and feel better! I've done much better this year than previous years, much!! The weight is coming off ssslllooowwwwly, but it is coming off. I work out almost daily, and eat great! I feel so much better! This will be a yearly goal!

3: Be positive!! I'm not generally a negative nelly, but I do have a problem with not being the bestest at it can be,
This year has be crazy, and I think I've done pretty good and keeping it positive/) it's not easy!

4: switch my focus, I spend/t a lot of time focusing on anything but my home and family, it causes tons of problems between the Mr and I:( I've been working on cutting back the social part of me. And really working on our family. Somedays are better than others, but I feel the tides turning.

5: Letting go. I've been thru some shot... Some real shit in my life. I've held on to a ton of anger and hurt, and it was literally making me sick. I've done a lot in working to let go, and some things I have let go, I've forgiven people for things I thought were unforgivable and I have started the process to forgive myself. I've still got a long way to go.

This coming year holds a ton of excitement and new things, meeting my birth parents, the big girl goes to high school, the baby goes to kindergarden, maybe a return to work... It is also another year to work on myself and my family.
Here is to some of the best years yet!!