Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Time to let go...

After some long discussions with a friend, and the Mr. 
I have realized that i have to just let go of some things.
It is an unfortunate decision that will affect me, 
I'm not sure about how this decision will affect the other people involved in my decision.
I am not one to let myself or my family be taken advantage of.
And that is exactly how I feel,
taken advantage of.
When I have nothing to offer, you want nothing from me, 
but if you need something, 
my phone is quick to ring...
Of all the invitations that are offered by us, 
very very few are offered by you.

Its never anything big, 
but all the little slights add up, ya know??
You are so caught up in your own little world I don't even know if you realize how far you have pushed me.
Well now you know.
I cannot be the one you call when you need something, 
I have given and given, 
with nothing in return, 
not even a thank you
really that is all I wanted. 
Its not just me either, I have seen you do this to quite a few people in the years I've known you.
Someone is a friend as long as they have something you want, or can do something that benefits you.
It's really sad, 
I thought our friendship was more than that, 
but I guess its not.

If you are reading this, and you probably will, and feel anything, this might be about you. Or it may apply to some one else in your life.

I am sorry, 
but I cant keep making time for some one, who wont make time for me.