Tuesday, March 19, 2013

My daughter's view on how she was inspired..

The Girl was asked to write a short paper about what she learned about stereotypes, over coming adversity poverty and drive when studying about Olympian Lopez Lamong

He was a victim of the second Sudanese war, a boy snatched from his mother, 
A lost boy.

This is The Girl's paper...

I am the same age as my mother was when I was born.

My mother has tried her hardest, and done her best. She shields me from the negativity and stereotypes. She is more than a teen parent and I am more then the child of one. I am may never know the struggle of poverty because, my mother shields me.

I am not a poverty stricken, child of an unwed 14 year old mother.

I am a straight A student
I do what I am asked (mostly)
I am independent, strong willed and driven.
I am Olivia ********

I am free and protected. Lopez Lomong was not.

Lopez Lamong, a 6 year old ripped from his mothers arms, taken to be a child solider.

And he ran.

He ran for safety, and now, a lost boy is found.

A great man, who over came, and rose above war, poverty, oppression, and ignorance. He did not run away, but ran for Africa.

Among the oppressed and poverty stricken. To those who face  insurmountable odds. He is a  true victor.

I am not my stereotype.
 I am not my situation, 
as Lopez Lamong  showed me,
 I will not and cannot let circumstances define me, but only drive me to greatness. 

needless to say....
I am so fucking proud.