Friday, March 15, 2013

Boobies, an update!

 I met with a new doc,
 I absolutely love her!!

She was able to tell me exactly what is going on and for that I am so thankful!
I have duct estasia, 
Its gross really, all of the secretions your breasts produce get all clogged and gunky and fill the duct just behind the nipple, that in its self is one thing, but mine ruptured causing inflammation and fat necrosis. 
She did take a tissue sample and I also have ductal hyperplasia, or an overgrowth of cells that line my ducts.
It is not cancer, but it can become cancer.
My treatment plan is pretty easy,
I will always probably have ductal estasia. but it wont always be a problem, I am getting my yearly mammograms starting now, instead of a baseline at 35, and yearly at 40, and that is just because of family history and because I have ductal hyperplasia.
If I am a carrier of the BRCA1 or BRCA2 gene mutation, my follow up is increased to alternating mammogram and mri every 6 mos, as well as as a pelvic exam w/ultrasound every 6mos and a blood draw every year to monitor tumor markers in my blood.
I can also opt for a hysterectomy as soon as i start showing signs of menopause to remove my ovaries, tubes and uterus to lower my risk of ovarian cancer, as well as a prophylactic mastectomy and reconstruction to lower my risk for breast cancer, as well as take a estrogen binder, Tamoxaphen, to help lower my risk as well.

Yesterday I also saw the geneticist,
The vampires took my blood, 
and in the next three to six weeks I will know if i have one of  the genetic mutations that increase my chances for getting breast and ovarian cancer. 
I am anxious to know if i am a carrier of either of these mutations, not only for me to just know, but so I can have my kids tested at 18 to see if they have them as well. There  is a 50/50 chance if i am a carrier that one of them have it. 
I have also spoken to Shawna about being tested, if she has the mutation  my brother can be tested as well as her siblings for the mutation if they choose.

So the roller coaster is over for now!!
Don't forget to check your boobies!!!