Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Boobies... Just checkin'

Ok, so in my last few posts I talked about my boobs and seeing a surgeon.
Well the first surgeon could not answer any questions, at all.
So now, well not now, tomorrow I will make my way to the city on the hill, (seriously this particular hospital is like 4 hospitals in one) to see a new surgeon, and see what she says.
Then on the 14th I meet with a geneticist to see if I have "fatal genes" or the BRCA 1&2 gene mutations that would put me at higher risk for breast cancer.

Seems like time is creeping by. Lame.

The thing the mr and I have been discussing is, if I have one of these mutations, would I choose prophylactic surgery. A preventative mastectomy (surgical removal of both breasts) with a reconstruction, and prophylactic removal of my ovaries to prevent ovarian cancer.

Those are huge decisions. The boobs not so much, I mean really, who wants floppy boobs? But the early menopause? No hormone replacement? Yikes.