Thursday, November 15, 2012

Interesting follow up

You can see the OP here

This is the message I got in response to my previous post, this is what I was trying to get to in the first place. Being bitchy serves no purpose. I took offense personally to her comment. Hence the reason she was put on blast.

"Random, I would like to explain myself. . . I would never tell my child or anyone elses they were a "Hoochie", I was trying to add some "old school" humor, so yes i agree my choice of words were wrong on a serious subject. I still hurt from my exlerince, I hate that my son has suffered so much because of my "stupid choices". I look at all these "dumb" teens and i want to shake some sense into them. I was emotionally messed up, I came from a terrible home. Having sex was never pressured on me but i felt like someone (name removed) cared and thats what i wanted and needed. Then i was left alone. I really hated myself after that. I want so much more for my kids. I wouldnt tell my kids sex is gross, but i will tell them the truth, because as im sure you know theres are alot of name calling from peers and STDS. Im thankful i never had to experince a std, i was lucky. Im sorry I pissed you off, it pisses me off that these tv shows like teen mom make it look so easy, living with their BF or driving nice cars and all the happy baby moments. My experince was HELL no help at home, no car, i had to stuff newspapers to buy diapers + clothes for (name removed) , i would cry myself at night trying to calm a screaming baby then going to school the next morning on the short bus."

This is the reality for most teen parents. Not all but some.

I've seen the spectrum in the 14+ years I've been pregnant and/or parenting.

NO ONE has the right to judge anyone else. Yeah we all do it, I can count on two hands the people who showed me compassion. Two hands the people who didn't care what I did/what happened that were just my friend, and supported me.

What I hoped to get at,
I hope my kids can show compassion in life's toughest moments. Can reserve judgements and just be a friend. I hope my kids, liv especially, can see someone, anyone in a tough spot and show grade and compassion.
This is the only life you are given. It's mot a measure of your choices, but how you deal with the consequence.