Thursday, March 8, 2012

Vagina Warfare.... That's what he said...

According to most men I’ve spoken with
men shouldn't have a say in what a woman does with/to her own body.
They can only offer opinion and support what ever SHE chooses.

From a dude who I used to know:
This topic irritates me. Mainly, because abortion makes me upset spiritually. Secondly, because without it, we would have even more fatherless children running around.  Lastly, because I am a man and what I know about women's bodies wouldn't fill a thimble.
Birth control should be free Using birth control should be less than optional. Let's say you are on TANF(temporary aid for needy families/cash from the state)  taking birth control should be mandatory
 It makes me sick that men control the laws the decided the fate of these two very important issues.
 (Birth control and abortion)
 The disproportionate amount of Men in the senate and congress having more say over a women's issue than actual women.
 (I AM) Pro choice
But that doesn't mean I like it.
Some fetuses are better off dead.
Parents are unfit.
 Child may be born with a disability.
 But those mothers have to answer to God at some point.
There is research out there that shows that roe v. wade lowered crime rates in the United States

Why is that? Not your body, not your choice? What about if it was your kid? What if Your wife decided today to not have the baby she is carrying?

If the child was going to have an extremely difficult life because of downs, or some chromosomal defect I would be for snorting the fetus

If that was the case and she was adamant against it? How would you feel? How have your views changed since becoming a father and a husband? And regarding your daughters’ rights to her own body?

If she were against it, I would accept it and deal with the consequences

But it is not the only point of view from men.
Another good friend had this to say, 
in a discussion about 
 article he posed

Me: As a believer in abortion, i find this seriously disturbing. As a mother, I feel outrage. Terrible.
         HIM: You believe in abortion? I'm sorry but I just don't see any way that abortion is right... Birth control is around for a reason.
ME: Birth controls fail... And it isn't just unwanted pregnancy, there is rape, maternal death risk, severe anatomical/gestational deformations. There are birth controls that promote abortion by the very definition
A miscarriage is called a “spontaneous abortion"
 There are many reasons for abortion, and rightly so. I can understand how you don't see it as a right or moral choice, but it is a choice you, your self personally will never have to make. As to the article in question this is not abortion, as the pregnancy has ended. This is murder.
HIM: I know it a choice I will never be able to make, the choice was made for me, my unborn child was aborted three months into the I guess I have strong views on the subject matter. But life is life, and is always precious in god eye's...
ME: I'm sorry for your very real loss. Strong views are an amazing thing. And you are correct all life is precious in Gods’ eyes. But God is good, God is forgiving. I do not believe that by choosing abortion god will shun me, but embrace and forgive me,.
HIM: You are right god forgives all those who ask forgiveness and believe in him, he will not shun you if you repent...but That doesn't make it right in any way. And thank you, I have many strong views, and this is one of them:)

My question now is this...
Which of these two men are right?
The man who would support his wife and daughter?
The man who has suffered the loss of his child?
If/when you choose for your self,
does your what your
feel, think, or want matter?