Tuesday, February 21, 2012

He's got his ass hat on again...

I've said it before, and i will say it again....
The Mr is a crazy hard worker

I don't have job,
that pays $$
I have a job,
I work 24 hours a day 7days a week
I am 

What little cash I do get goes into running our house,
you know, 
the basics.
food, gas, toothpaste, deodorant, toilet paper, paper towels, cleaning supplies, and the kids extras that they need.
That is totally an acceptable way to spend my money.

That said,
I don't EVER ask for extra cash for something, 
or anything,
that I want.
I want a new pair of sneakers, 
 kids out grew theirs,
I need a new pair of pants cause mine are too big,
my kid just out grew theirs.
And it just keeps happening.
no big deal,
I am the mom, 
I am so completely happy to put my wants and needs aside 
so they can have what they need and want first.
That is exactly what i signed up for:)

On the rare occasion I want something 
for me/ myself ,
bad enough to 
Actually ASK
the MR for extra,
when i know the kids have absolutely
they could need or want
it is so frustrating to hear him say 
I do not ask often,
And if i do ask,
Its for something i really really want.
It would have been shrugged with everything else 
I thought I needed or wanted. 

If I spent a small fraction of what he did 
on himself and his
I would feel selfish,
and my kids would have even more.

Time to take the 

I can just give up 
cause really 
I'm not that important to him anyways

Just sayin...

Monday, February 6, 2012

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Help me, help others...

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Next Monday is a big day for me, it is the kick off 
of our

Last year i was asked why I relay...

 I really had to think about that, do a lot of deep soul searching.

 I relay for research.

 Plain and simple.

My cousin lost her battle with Acute myeloid leukemia the year she turned 16, 
but she was also a part of something huge.....
 She was involved in a clinical trial of Gleevec in kids,
Gleevec saves so many lives now.
 She got it....

My dad, when he got his Terminal diagnosis, 
did he lay down and die?? 
Absolutely not.
 He enroled in a Clinical trial for a drug that was supposed to shrink tumors.... and it did for a while. He continued to hope and fight.
 My dad got it......

Now I come back to why I relay... 
What these to amazing fighters taught me, 
without research nothing will change. 

Every cancer will be just as 
just as

 So maybe i will use my misfortune and loss 
to help someone else not have it quite so bad.... 

I will give unto others, 
I relay to honor the ones who gave their bodies to help others
 even when it may not have helped themselves,



This year my goal is $5000
I am a long way from it.
Please make a donation,
Help me save lives.
Please share this post, 
the link to my page,