Friday, December 2, 2011

people who should not be in charge.

Today sucks.. Well not today, and it doesn't all suck, well it doesn't suck at all..

How about today i got some unfortunate news.
I've been working, kinda.
I have been spending my Saturdays and the occasional Sunday working at a cute little coffee stand in a little town by where i live,

I started out making $10 an hour for a 12hr shift.. not too bad, plus i made great tips.
then shit hit the fan....
 something happened with the one guy in that one state across the country
So the boss lady decided to cut back shop hours..
Cool with me..
that was two weeks ago, I offered to work for less cash to help out, she said cool, we will keep you at one day a week for now..

This evening, being Friday, i text to see if the shop was lacking supplies, that was i can be a good little bitch and get them on my way..

HER "UM, your not working tomorrow. Did you not know that??
ME "No. I didn't. Who was supposed to tell me?"

Apparently she THOUGHT she told me last week that she cant afford me..
its OK its not the first time I've heard that, just sayin.