Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Stupid Bitch Strikes again

For a little background on the relationship between the stupid bitch and I,

A little history on why i dont really like her around my littles 


I thought the stupid bitch was doing OK,
 and i was making an effort to play nice, so i was allowing visits with all the kids, even with mayhem an hour or so every week. Even though  the Mr strictly forbade. She is my big kids only living grandparent... 

So Saturday while i was at work she ask if the two big kids could spend the night, its been a while since either of them have and i was in a good mood so I sad ok, that would be fine.

So far so good right???
Not so much....

I get a call @ 8:45 Saturday night from Liv, i figure it was just a goodnight call since i had not seen them all day...
that was not the case.
She says
"Mom, you need to come get us now..."
"wha??? why , is every thing ok"
"NO, you just need to come get us now!!"
my mother takes my daughters cell phone a proceeds to tell me my aunt beat her up, unprovoked, pushed her, followed her, and choked her and threw her on the ground

So i get in the car and drive the 6 blocks to my moms house....

i get there and all is quiet and orderly,
Stupid bitch does have a gash on her arm, and by looking at my littles i am certain 
along the lines of what the stupid bitch said
Was it unprovoked? At this point i wasn't sure, 
but i did have my suspicions 
that the stupid bitch did in fact provoke this attack... 

the best part of the whole thing...
My 12 year old daughter witnessed the entire event.
YAY!! for Grown ups.

i grab my kids, tell them to get into the car.
I asked politely 
"What did you do"
Then she gets all huffy cause this bitch is ALWAYS the victim..
she starts crying like thats gonna work

I had to point out that until facts said otherwise she was guilty as hell and deserved what ever happened to her..
That was always her stance when ever anything happened to me..
Even rape.
but i digress...

i get in the car, and leave after informing her that it was my lapse in judgment that my kids were even there, and that would never happen again.

As soon as i pull out of the drive way, 
Liv says
"Grandma started the whole thing, Aunt soandso
walked away and gma followed her"

yeah i figured as much.

I call my aunt and ask if she is OK, and all she is worried about is Olivia, not her, not my mom, but the child who witnessed the event. 
The stupid bitch didn't even think of her grand daughter.... 
She worried about her.
My aunt won big points that night,
for beating the stupid bitch,
For showing genuine concern for the ones truly affected.

I feel bad for the both of them, it was an unfortunate event and both parties are guilty.

The next day liv was hanging out with nana, the stupid bitch's mother, my grandmother....
She told olivia, not once or twice, but three times
"shut the fuck up"
"shut her fucking mouth"
"shut your stupid fucking mouth"

Stupid Bitch is really stupid...

Cant wait to see her on the street.