Thursday, October 13, 2011

What happened while i wasn't here

Alright BITCHES,
Its been a crazy few weeks, and I feel i have completely neglected my blog:( too fucking bad, Life happened really fast..

So this is what happened while i was ignoring you,
The MR, decided it would be a good idea to stop taking multiple prescriptions for his back at the same time, while this would seem harmless, some meds you cant just stop taking, it will make you sick, and crazy, but mostly really really sick.. So i have been dealing with a giant angry manchild for the last week and i am happy to say the worst of the detox is behind us.

My phone got busted... into a million pieces pretty much, it sucks. I should have my replacement tomorrow. I did enjoy the break from technology. now i want it back!

My daughter lost an important woman in her life last Thursday, Man that sucked. It still sucks, but i can be thankful for her life and the lessons we learned from her. My Mr's aunt passed away the following day... wow, when is enough enough??

The little dude turned 9 on Monday!! I cannot believe it, he is getting so big. I thank god for him everyday, he's been fighting against the odds since conception, and he's amazing. I love you little dude!

Oh yeah, and then there has been the construction around our hose, making it impossible to get in and out of our driveway, to take a nap, or have things hanging on our walls... Also I love not having water, 6 out of the last 10 days our water was shut off, or it was off then on, or there dirty water coming out my faucets cause the geniuses working on the street have busted two separate water pipes twice each.