Monday, September 12, 2011

breaking point..

Today's blog is a mess of random jumbles,
 bare with me..
 or don't,
 i don't care.

i have so many things going through my head today... and none of it is really important. but i cannot seem to just let it go. it is irritating...

I hate when people play the victim. You are who ever you choose to be, and to play the victim, you lose all your power and give it to someone else... if you CHOOSE to let circumstance define you, instead of defining your own damn self, i have something to say to you. You are who you choose to be, you are not what has been done to you. Only you have the power to change you, and how these events shape you. If you CHOOSE to play the victim, i feel sorry for you. Someday maybe you will really be ok with all of this.

I hate that there are people exercising the right to free speech who are complete idiots. get all your facts straight, and acknowledge that this is a theory biased on feeling rather than fact, especially when dealing with a situation in shades of grey not black and white as you are making it seem.

I hate that I'm am so sure of who i am that others feel threatened and try to cut me down. I am sorry I am ok with who i am, and what i believe. I will not be shaken in my faith and ability to be who i was destined to be...

i love the relationships i am building in my life, i am thankful to have such amazing support, i am thankful that even though we may not always agree, you will always be on my side, and you will always be honest. I love my family, all of them, biological and adopted.


Anonymous said...

you rock girl!!!!

Shawna said...

We love you right back.

Destiny said...

a fucking men!

rebecca said...

I have an ex-friend who plays the victim all the time. She makes everything sound so sad and dramatic with her boyfriend then asks you for advice, if its not what she wants to hear, she dumps you and and pisses on your grave. Then wants you do everything for her when she's done being upset at you. I fucking let that bitch go. She's a nightmare and too much bull shit to handle