Friday, August 12, 2011

Vacation love:)

It's Friday beezeys! And I'm on vacation! Woot mother fuckin Woot! Today in the spirit vacations, here is a list of vacation trials and triumphs! Why the hell do my little monsters get up at 7(@home they sleep till 9).. seriously brats, you kept me up till 1 and you wake up before I have coffee? Your lucky I love you:) I <3 vacation sex, it would be even better if our walls weren't quite so thin, strangers staring the next morning is both amusing and disturbing.... Utter lack of schedule, this is both good and bad, I love having no plans and be free to do anything, I do not however love the two hour family meeting trying to figure out what the well to do... I love that my kids actually play well together on vacation, the leave the sibling rivalry at home! And the list goes on! What are your favorite vacation do's and don'ts? Much love Bitches from the OREGON COAST!

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Nikki Darlin' said...

I'm your newest stalker! Have fun on Vacation!