Friday, August 19, 2011

True Life: I'm a MOMMY blogger

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True life: I am a MOMMY blogger,
In reality I'm a stay at home mom to three amazingly wonderful children, except when they aren't so wonderful or amazing.....

My Oldest Liv, is approaching 13 and honestly I'm surprised shes lived so long.... don't get me wrong, i LOVE this girl will every ounce of me.. but turns out she is her mothers daughter.. lol. But really, shes a much better kid than i ever was. She is a straight A student, she is a star athlete, she volunteers at our community food bank, she works with me on my cancer advocacy projects. She will go so far in life, if she could just reign in that attitude.....

My one and only son, Aiden is almost 9... Yikes how the years have flown. He is my dreamer, his head in the clouds always thinking of ways to explore his imagination. One moment he is a pirate, the next he is a doctor, a para-trooper, a marine, a navy seal, a pilot of a fighter plane, or he is on a shuttle to the moon. I love my little man, he is caring, and shows compassion and love for any and all.  

That brings me to Mason, the baby that we didn't think we would have, that is another story yet to be written. Mason is generally my Tuesday blog headliner Haven't seen TINY TERRORIST TUESDAY? You should definitely check it out:) There is also a bit about her here. In this picture she is sweet as pie... don't let that fool you. We call her MAYHEM for a reason. She is very loving, in fact this weekend she said something that just melted my heart when Liv was out on the beach and Mase was in the house with me, she said
 "i will hold Livia's hug in my heart till she come in"
generally she is throwing toys hitting kids and running crazy.
Her favorite game is hide and seek, whether she is playing with her siblings or just hiding stuff for you to find, like bank cards, daddy's wallet, keys and cell phones.

I love these little humans and look forward to sharing more about them


Chrissy said...

Aw, they are so cute!

Marisa said...

Cute kids. The attitude doesn't change until they're....well my oldest 21 and she still has tude.

Shawna said...

You are truly blessed...:)