Monday, August 29, 2011

Thank you:)

First and foremost than you to you all for reading my adoption story!
I'm glad you liked it and was thrilled with all your responses!

I guess now I wanna know, things have obviously been omitted, do you guys have any unanswered questions?
Place a comment in the box, on my facebook, Twitter, or email me... I will get you answers for all of us!!
I will post questions and answers in a later post!
 if you havent you can read


Not Supermom said...

Did you go to the wedding?!

Anonymous said...

I wanted to know if you've gotten to meet your birth parents yet or not? What was your parents' reaction to you wanting to find your birth parents? Is it awkward? My dad adopted me, not legally, but they always talked about Ron like he was the devil. But then they forced me to live with him, never having met him, when I was 14, and he's a nice person, but he was so pushy and insisted on me, then later Erica and Amber, on calling him "dad" and it was just awkward. I don't talk to him anymore due to his feelings of ownership over us, but I don't hate him. Long story, lol! So, I guess your story kind of hits home a little bit, definitely not to the degree that you have gone through! OH! What similarities have you found that you have with your biological parents despite not being raised by them? I always found it interesting that I had so much in common, or was a lot like Ron in a lot of ways. It sounds like your birth parents are some pretty cool people! I hope that you guys get to develop a great bond over the years, you've gotten off to a great start! Still gushing over this story!!! Love, Erin
Someday, I will remember my password and sign in instead of posting anonymously, lol!

Anonymous said...

I'd like to know if your mother reads your blog.
Thanks for sharing.