Sunday, August 28, 2011

Shit I hate Sunday!

Thank you Rockin Mama
So for this edition of shit I hate Sunday:) 1. People who talk shit under their breath.. bitch I fucking hear you, hold your breath or talk a lil louder so everyone can hear. That way when I knock you the Fuck out, everyone knows why. 2. Trains. I live in a small town.. I can't get from one place to the next without having to cross train tracks. I cannot count how many times the fucking train has made me late. 3. Tardyness.... I hate when people are Fucking late... I've got better shit to do than wait for your bitchass 4. When people with no kids tell me what I'm doing wrong with mine. Fuck you bitch this is not my first rodeo. 5. People with no real grip on reality, I don't care if you think it should be another way ... maybe if you put the bong down and get a real fucking job. Time to be a fucking grown up.


rebecca said...

I am not a fan of train tracks either. I am thankful I have the interstate to take everyday to and from work. The bad part, when traffic jams hit, I'm stuck and that bites. I hate people who are late too. I get so tired of being the only one on time for anything {except for work}. but I really hate when people are hours late to their own party they set up at that time. It pisses me off. And for some reason, people love how to tell you how to do parenting when they never have had kids. i get that a lot too and it bites

Anonymous said...

Man, I'm always late. But that's because I'm always lost! My bitch neighbor has no problem talking shit at the top of her lungs about me with my other neighbor and her daughter that lives up the street. Either I'm the world's snottiest bitch, or they also need to put the bong down and find jobs! Other than selling pot out their bedroom windows. I'm not anti-pot (quite the opposite) but they take it to the wrong level. People w/o kids and brand new parents that haven't been through half the process are the WORST! Like, call me when your kid is 10, and then we'll talk about parenting, that's about the time I realized that I have no idea WTF I'm doing anymore! ~Erin

Destiny said...

LOL, my ass is always fucking late! Even when I leave early! haha

Not Supermom said...

It seems clear to me that we need to be acquainted with one another.

Cause I hate Sundays, too.