Saturday, August 6, 2011

My white knight is just a retard in tin foil.....

Yeah.... what she said...

I do not understand moving on like nothing happened, 
I have a vagina, therefore we must talk about it...
You can not expect sex and ass kissing will be a sufficient apology,
if you do you really are that stupid.

Yeah sex and ass kissing are great it does not solve our problems and totally avoids any and all communication besides grunting, moaning and the phrase "yeah, I'm sure"

People say communication is key, well I'm pretty sure you lost your keys some where along the way. Better find 'em.

I'm a chick, i over communicate... you know by yelling and crying... you could at least do the same. I would totally enjoy a good freak out estrogen style, just make sure i have the video camera out so i can later post your bitchy ass on YouTube.

In all fairness I'm a bitch.. its kinda my thing.

SO how did we get here you ask?? you are an ass hat... and I'm pretty sure you piss me off on purpose, or I'm just a cranky bitch... either way i can make this your fault..

Just Sayin...