Friday, December 9, 2011

Friday Funny

A big thank you to Rachel at Because I have to..

 this friday
 Its all about Dumb Ass Products

"BareLifts™ are the completely strapless solution to lifting your breasts while ensuring a naturally perky look in virtually ANY outfit. With BareLifts™, you can lift each breast and realign your nipple to a higher position, even if you are larger than a D cup. BareLifts™ will reduce pulling and slipping of the straps when worn with a bra and are also a simple solution to the"back bulge." You can even wear them under a bathing suit since they are completely waterproof. They can even be worn for up to 24 hours! Today, as part of this special limited time television offer, you'll receive a set of 10 BareLifts™, normally a $20 value, for just $10 and only $6.99 shipping and handling. But that's not all! We'll ALSO include a second BONUS set of ten BareLifts™, a $20 value, for no additional charge, just pay separate $6.99 shipping and handling. This special BareLifts™ offer is not available in stores so the only way to get it is to place your order now!

BareLifts™ are the perfect solution for 24-hour breast support that is virtually invisible. Simply place, peel and gently lift to get the shape, support and confidence that every woman desires. Best of all, BareLifts™ utilize a pain-free adhesive so they are comfortable to wear, yet easy and painless to remove! !"

courtesy of



Carta iPod Toilet Paper Holder

I Shit you not, this on sale at 

Friday, December 2, 2011

people who should not be in charge.

Today sucks.. Well not today, and it doesn't all suck, well it doesn't suck at all..

How about today i got some unfortunate news.
I've been working, kinda.
I have been spending my Saturdays and the occasional Sunday working at a cute little coffee stand in a little town by where i live,

I started out making $10 an hour for a 12hr shift.. not too bad, plus i made great tips.
then shit hit the fan....
 something happened with the one guy in that one state across the country
So the boss lady decided to cut back shop hours..
Cool with me..
that was two weeks ago, I offered to work for less cash to help out, she said cool, we will keep you at one day a week for now..

This evening, being Friday, i text to see if the shop was lacking supplies, that was i can be a good little bitch and get them on my way..

HER "UM, your not working tomorrow. Did you not know that??
ME "No. I didn't. Who was supposed to tell me?"

Apparently she THOUGHT she told me last week that she cant afford me..
its OK its not the first time I've heard that, just sayin.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Giving thanks, adoption story questions answered:)

Today I am giving thanks to my birth parents. 
Thank you for loving me enough to let me go, 
and loving me for who I have become.

If you haven't read my adoption story
you can read

These are a few of the questions I was asked

1. Does your mother read your blog?
This was asked by an anonymous comment-er, so i was unable to ask if they meant my Birth mother or my Adoptive mother... My Birth mother does read my blog and comment, I do not know if my adoptive mother reads this, i do however have many family members who do, my adoptive brother, grandmother ext..

2. What was your parents' reaction to you wanting to find your birth parents?
My dad didn't really have a reaction, he just asked me if I was happy, and to him that was all that mattered. My mom, reacted a little differently, at first she was nervous, then a little spiteful. She tried to encourage me to meet them, but kind of backhandedly.. "If that was so important for you to find them, meeting them should be easy" she said.. so not true. She likes to tell the story her way, and share it even though it is not HER story to tell or share. That to me was extremely upsetting and it felt like a complete violation of my trust and privacy.

3. Is it awkward?
This question is really a yes and no kinda answer. 
Yes, building any relationship is awkward at times.. It is weird to be an outsider, trying to find a place where you could possibly fit into a family who never knew you existed.  I am sure for Neal and Shawnal it is equally awkward to get to know me as an adult and then to read my blog and get glimpses into why I am who I am.
and no, because it all seems as it was meant to be, all the words seem to come easy, and I feel so much a part of their world and family. I have been able to talk to all three of my brothers, a few aunts, and even a great aunt. Every one is very thankful, and completely accepting of me. It is amazing the amount of love this experience has brought into my life.
The first time i was called "Sister" weird.

4.What similarities have you found that you have with your biological parents despite not being raised by them?
This is probably my favorite question, and one of the most asked:) 
Shawna and I share a TON of personality traits,  procrastination, snarkyness, we are both hard headed and stubborn, quick to protect what we hold dear. Shawna calls it "the warrior mentality", we both have severe ADHD.. in fact this post has taken me weeks to freaking finish.. she made up a word, smartassiness.. it fits.
Neal and I are both vivid dreamers and master procrastinators(i was doomed on productivity from the beginning) , we have the same eyes.. its so weird to actually really look like someone. We are both loyal to a fault.
Apparently my brothers and i are all very alike, i share many personality traits with them,  we are all smartasses, hilarious, fierce, apparently the oldest brother and I have nearly identical thought processes, we both know about that the one thing, that happened that one time, that everyone else seemed to miss. We are ALWAYS right.. Shawna says, Adamant in our rightness... its cause we are GENIUSES! and we talk.. A LOT. She says there is a "sharpness"  to the humor we all share.  
I think there are a ton of things we share, and it is still very new. 

5.Did you go to the wedding?!
Unfortunately NO, I was unable to make the trip. My brother did however send me pictures in real time. 
This is a photo at the wedding of my birth family.
Sorry boys for not asking permission.


 6. I wanted to know if you've gotten to meet your birth parents yet or not?
this is THE most asked question, I was hoping by the time I wrote this i would be able to answer YES. 
But I'm afraid the answer is no, I have not met them face to face... yet. 
My hope for the New Year is that i will get to meet them all in 2012.
Until then, its phone calls, emails, Facebook and letters. 

Thank you All for reading this very special story.
I promise i will write more.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Google Key words...

The following phrases have brought people here:

stick man drinking shut the fuck up
know that i would
the feeling that there is
mr 11 stupid
the mr is stupid
stupid bitches

who the fuck Google's this shit anyways...

The hard stuff.... and giving thanks for it.

First I would like to wish you all a
 Happy Thanksgiving, 
I am so thankful ya'll take the time to read my blog:) 
I love all my bloggy bitches and tweeps!!

Today I am talking tough stuff... for me, maybe not you.

This is the second Thanksgiving with out my dad.
It sucks.
As i write this it has been 
484 days
11616 hours
41817600 seconds
Since hes been gone.
Every day is a struggle to get through.

He had Esophageal Cancer.
I fucking HATE Cancer.

But this is about being 

I am thankful for every extra moment i got with him.
I am thankful that he waited for me
I am thankful for the relationship he had with my Oldest 
I am thankful all of my kids got to meet him.
I am def sad that my brothers future kids wont get that opportunity.
I am thankful for his unconditional love, support and encouragement.
I am thankful he showed me what a real man is.

My dad loved me
He loved me when I didn't even think I could be love myself.  
When I was un-loveable,
 he loved me. 
He believed in my dreams, 
he never once told me I couldn't accomplish anything, 
matter of fact he told me no dream I had would be

Even if he didn’t like what I was doing 
he supported me regardless.
 My Dad was larger than life to me.
 He could fix a broken heart with a hug,
 put me in my place by a look
not ever did he let me down.

He is my hero, 
 it didn't matter if it was taking me fishing at the cabin, 
or picking me up at school,
 breaking his elbows so I didn't get hurt, driving 4 hours and picking me up in the middle of the night cause I broke my arm

I can say my dad died proud of me. 
Proud of the daughter
 who wasn't always the best daughter in the world,
but he still loved me. 
Proud of the person
I have become because of him, 
proud of the mother I am 
I had a
father like him.
 In the end,
 he waited for me.
 Because he loved me
 and he knew 
with out a doubt, 
that I loved him.

My sister un law sent me this poem while he was Ill,
i shared it with him, 
he loved it.


Near a shady wall a rose once grew, 
Budded and blossomed in God's free light, 
Watered and fed by the morning dew, 
Shedding it's sweetness day and night.

As it grew and blossomed fair and tall, 
Slowly rising to loftier height, 
It came to a crevice in the wall 
Through which there shone a beam of light.

Onward it crept with added strength 
With never a thought of fear or pride, 
It followed the light through the crevice's length 
And unfolded itself on the other side. 

The light, the dew, the broadening view 
Were found the same as they were before, 
And it lost itself in beauties new, 
Breathing it's fragrance more and more.

Shall claim of death cause us to grieve 
And make our courage faint and fall?
Nay! Let us faith and hope receive-- 
The rose still grows beyond the wall, 

Scattering fragrance far and wide 
Just as it did in days of yore, 
Just as it did on the other side, 
Just as it will forevermore.

~ A. L. Frink ~ 
last November, after all my roses died,
 i looked outside and saw one new bloom.
My dad loved those roses,
I looked at that and smiled in my heart.
I know he was smiling at me,
I see you,

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

YAY for good intentions!!!

this is us:) we <3 each other

 the last few years, for Christmas, she has gotten me a gift certificate to a great spa for a massage.. last year was a tough year for me... A lot of stress, loss and heart ache. A massage was exactly what i needed...Last year my massage was awesome!! it was warm and cozy, completely and utterly relaxing,this year she got me another massage at the same place, but it was a different kind, it was a Rain Shower massage... sounds great right??
 this is what i imagined being like, since this is what the website portrayed it as..
Looks all warm, cozy, and relaxing Right???
that's what i thought too...
little did i know when i walked into the salon, my life would change 

My sis un law and my mom un law
went this Sunday for our respective treatments
i knew i was in trouble when i walked into,
essentially a giant shower, 
a COLD tile room, 
I kind of expected it, because it IS
RAIN SHOWER massage,
The midget masseuse,
(i say midget because i am short.. like 5'3" and this chick was way shorter than i)
Says go a head take your robe off and get under the blankets..
by blankets she meant a towel, sheet and light blanket.
did I say this room is 
COLD, like frigid.
So i do as im told.
The the proceeded to torture me.
45 minutes of the worst,
 most painful,massages should have a little pain, its necessary to get the knots out,
incomplete, she couldn't complete any long strokes cause she was short and didn't think to lower the table(did i mention she was really short?),
COLD, that room was freezing!!
all i can think is
"is this almost over?"
and then it was:)
well at least that part..
 She says
"ok im going to get set up for the rain shower part"
all i can think is i hope this water is warm.
about 5 min of laying there, she is almost ready
She removes the sheet and blanket and folds the towel to cover my butt.. mostly.
now im really freezing.
She tests the water by putting her finger over the hose and sprays me with 
OMG, what the hell is going to happen to me..

Then it started..
I was pinned to the table by high pressure jets
from my head to the tips of my toes.
by the end of the 15 min
"rain shower"
i couldn't feel my feet
i couldn't see
I had to clench my bladder to make sure i wasn't pissing myself.
and i felt like i was drowning.
I couldn't move anything, 
the pressure pinned my entire body to the table.

Wikipedia describes water boarding as " a form of torture in which water is poured over the face of an immobilized captive, thus causing the individual to experience the sensation of drowning."
Although i was face down... this is exactly what this 
Felt like.

finally she is done,
She hands me a towel and says be careful the floor is wet

"UH... YA think??"
i walk out of the torture chamber,
i mean room,
 to my sister UN law and her masseuse
 im pretty sure i looked like this

 YEAH... good times.
I"m pretty sure she tried to kill me
or not.
what she doesn't know,
well she will cause she reads this 

Friday, November 11, 2011

Blog Stalk Funny Friday


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YES Bitches
I wanna be 

has a friday funny link up:)

This funny is not HILARIOUS
 but it was pretty funny,
it came from my mother un law...
 and it holds true to her son!!!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Stupid Bitch Strikes again

For a little background on the relationship between the stupid bitch and I,

A little history on why i dont really like her around my littles 


I thought the stupid bitch was doing OK,
 and i was making an effort to play nice, so i was allowing visits with all the kids, even with mayhem an hour or so every week. Even though  the Mr strictly forbade. She is my big kids only living grandparent... 

So Saturday while i was at work she ask if the two big kids could spend the night, its been a while since either of them have and i was in a good mood so I sad ok, that would be fine.

So far so good right???
Not so much....

I get a call @ 8:45 Saturday night from Liv, i figure it was just a goodnight call since i had not seen them all day...
that was not the case.
She says
"Mom, you need to come get us now..."
"wha??? why , is every thing ok"
"NO, you just need to come get us now!!"
my mother takes my daughters cell phone a proceeds to tell me my aunt beat her up, unprovoked, pushed her, followed her, and choked her and threw her on the ground

So i get in the car and drive the 6 blocks to my moms house....

i get there and all is quiet and orderly,
Stupid bitch does have a gash on her arm, and by looking at my littles i am certain 
along the lines of what the stupid bitch said
Was it unprovoked? At this point i wasn't sure, 
but i did have my suspicions 
that the stupid bitch did in fact provoke this attack... 

the best part of the whole thing...
My 12 year old daughter witnessed the entire event.
YAY!! for Grown ups.

i grab my kids, tell them to get into the car.
I asked politely 
"What did you do"
Then she gets all huffy cause this bitch is ALWAYS the victim..
she starts crying like thats gonna work

I had to point out that until facts said otherwise she was guilty as hell and deserved what ever happened to her..
That was always her stance when ever anything happened to me..
Even rape.
but i digress...

i get in the car, and leave after informing her that it was my lapse in judgment that my kids were even there, and that would never happen again.

As soon as i pull out of the drive way, 
Liv says
"Grandma started the whole thing, Aunt soandso
walked away and gma followed her"

yeah i figured as much.

I call my aunt and ask if she is OK, and all she is worried about is Olivia, not her, not my mom, but the child who witnessed the event. 
The stupid bitch didn't even think of her grand daughter.... 
She worried about her.
My aunt won big points that night,
for beating the stupid bitch,
For showing genuine concern for the ones truly affected.

I feel bad for the both of them, it was an unfortunate event and both parties are guilty.

The next day liv was hanging out with nana, the stupid bitch's mother, my grandmother....
She told olivia, not once or twice, but three times
"shut the fuck up"
"shut her fucking mouth"
"shut your stupid fucking mouth"

Stupid Bitch is really stupid...

Cant wait to see her on the street.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

PHAT bitches stick together:)

the goddess
over at
Is doing Jillian Michaels 

misadventures of a chunky goddess
wants every one to look as beautiful as they feel 
She is giving away not one but TWO 
Jillian Michaels DVD's
in her 
"Gettin Shredded Giveaway!"

Show this bad bitch some love!!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

It's OK..

Its Ok Thursdays

A new link up for me:) yay!!
Thank you 
Neely @ A complete waste of make up
Amber @ Brunch with Amber

It's OK

...To wanna be blogfamous

... To call out liars, seriously, you think people believe you??
... To feel pain, being "The strong one" isn't all its cracked up to be

... To love your self, people think this is selfish, when really if you cant love your self, your incapable of loving anyone else

... To walk away

... To laugh inappropriately

... To feel uncomfortable in your own skin

... To throw temper tantrums

... to wear Jammies all day

... To not be OK every day

... To put off house work to have a tea party with the little and 7 of her closest stuffed animals:)

Its OK to just BE

What's OK with you this Thursday??

Thursday, October 27, 2011

I feel like a jerk...

I HATE being so torn for no reason. Especially when I blog about it and had no intention of sharing those feelings with the Mr.... SHAME ON ME!

I'm a dumb bitch sometimes... I'm letting my feelings of inadequacy color my relationship. When really, if I communicate what I need and want to the Mr, he'd be happy to oblige. I look back and all I can think is
"Who's the whiny bitch now? Huh?!"

It's stupid.
I'm happy.
Why can't I just let it be...

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Yeah.... I'm greedy

I've never believed in forever. It's sad really.... but I just dont. Nothing is ever guaranteed. It almost makes me feel guilty. In fact its forefront in discussions with the Mr. He's in it forever, and I can't commit. I'd never leave, or do ANYTHING that would jeopardize our relationship, but I'm just not completely settled either. We've been together just over 5 years, and he is amazing. I love him deeply, but I just can't shake the feeling that there is something I'm missing...
Yeah, yeah... I know. Dumb huh?
The Mr is so good to me, and the kids... I have never felt the way he makes me feel. So why do I feel.... incomplete, I guess.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Hall pass

Ok, so I've been thinking about the movie Hall Pass... you know where dude gets a week pass to do whatever he wants away from his wife without consequence. I have never actually seen the move, but have been thinking about the premise, the "What would I do?"

I don't know that I would want a whole week, maybe to just go back in time to my glory days for a few... I can't see that lifestyle appealing now. No, I was wrong, It is appealing but for a completely different reason. To not know as much as I do now, or care... that would be freaking awesome...

I can pin point the moments i'd go back to... the dangerous days, doing things with people I had no business being with..
"why?"you say ..
Honestly I can't put my finger on it. I love where I am and who I am, but to go back to that place, wow, the possibilities are endless.

I feel like an ass even thinking it.
If I had a hall pass... consequence and guilt free... I'd use it.

Would you?

Here is a link from Reuters about this.

But really...

Friday, October 21, 2011

blog stalk Friday and Friday funny

First check out this bad bitch 

then on to FRIDAY FUNNY with 

First is a product my sister un law sent me... She is a vendor relations specialist at an RV parts distributor

This the offical description from the manufacturer's website

"The Gota'Go™ Personal Care Device is a concealed, catheter-like device that is worn under clothing and enables males to urinate in situations where a bathroom break is not possible.
The Gota'Go™ Personal Care Device is similar to a jockey-strap and has an elastic cotton waistband (sized Small, Medium, Large, and Extra Large), fitted with hip or buttocks straps that supports an under-crotch support similar to that offered by a pair of briefs.
The male's penis is inserted into a soft molded rubber or plastic sheath, the end of which would open into a small-diameter, pliable plastic or rubber surgical tube. This outflow tube is equipped with a synthetic round-the-thigh strap fitted with Velcro closures, surgical rubber or plastic.
The Gota'Go™ Personal Care Device could be worn on either leg. The upper end of the receptacle bag is fitted with a one-way release valve for emptying the accumulated contents. "

That shit is just weird.... i wish your pee bag to explode lazy fucker!! Jeeze!
 i also found these weird products....


Thursday, October 20, 2011

You can't make this shit up.....

Ok, so I'm driving down the road on my way home from work, yes I work now that's a different post to be posted differently, and I come to a stop light just out side the town I work in, and this dude is sitting in his car, on the side of the road, Windows down..... seriously..... going to town on him self.... I looked over and was like weird... then faced the light when it really sank in what he was doing.... I had to look back to check and sure as shit, he's wackin it in the front seat of his car waiting for the light...."OOOOHHHHEEEMMMMGGGEEEE!" I said, he looked at me and grinned.... gross.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

What happened while i wasn't here

Alright BITCHES,
Its been a crazy few weeks, and I feel i have completely neglected my blog:( too fucking bad, Life happened really fast..

So this is what happened while i was ignoring you,
The MR, decided it would be a good idea to stop taking multiple prescriptions for his back at the same time, while this would seem harmless, some meds you cant just stop taking, it will make you sick, and crazy, but mostly really really sick.. So i have been dealing with a giant angry manchild for the last week and i am happy to say the worst of the detox is behind us.

My phone got busted... into a million pieces pretty much, it sucks. I should have my replacement tomorrow. I did enjoy the break from technology. now i want it back!

My daughter lost an important woman in her life last Thursday, Man that sucked. It still sucks, but i can be thankful for her life and the lessons we learned from her. My Mr's aunt passed away the following day... wow, when is enough enough??

The little dude turned 9 on Monday!! I cannot believe it, he is getting so big. I thank god for him everyday, he's been fighting against the odds since conception, and he's amazing. I love you little dude!

Oh yeah, and then there has been the construction around our hose, making it impossible to get in and out of our driveway, to take a nap, or have things hanging on our walls... Also I love not having water, 6 out of the last 10 days our water was shut off, or it was off then on, or there dirty water coming out my faucets cause the geniuses working on the street have busted two separate water pipes twice each.


Monday, October 10, 2011

On a Serious note...

“There is a sacredness in tears. They are not the mark of weakness, but of power. They speak more eloquently than ten thousand tongues. They are messengers of overwhelming grief...and unspeakable love.” ~ Washington Irving
This past week has been emotional to say the least.
A friend was lost, my daughter lost a mentor, the world lost an angel on earth.

Ducky was the most loving woman i have ever met, and when i say loving i mean, i have never ever ever met anyone who gave love so freely and unconditionaly in my life and I probably never will come across one again.

In the short amount of time she graced us with her presence was enough to change the lives of every one she came across. Always quick with a smile, a prayer, a hug or a kind word. To her, EVERYONE was the same, and every one deserved love, for some, it was the only love they ever had. She never judged. After reading stories from people she touched,
i cannot help but to wish that i can one day live like she did,
to give my self freely and comlpetely,
 to love with all my heart.

Ducky left behind an amazing husband and two little ducklings... my thoughts and love are with them now.
Dont ever forget to tell the ones you love, that you love them.
No one ever knows what tomorrow holds.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Shit I hate Sunday...

Its that time again!!

LAST MINUTE PLANS: bitch, dont get pissed at me for your poor planning.
PEOPLE WHO DONT RETURN CALLS: Ass wipe, you are running a bussines. Call a bitch back.
NOT HAVING ANY ENERGY: this cold is kicking my ass
FIGHTING WITH THE MR: its almost ALWAYS over the same shit

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Friday, September 30, 2011

Blog Stalk , and why shady bitches make legit bitches look bad.


Now on to why shady bitches make the rest of us legit bitches look bad.
I was talking to a dear old friend the other day and he seemed to feel like he did something wrong, by calling out what seemed to be a shady bitch...
this conversation ensued... he will be called the Patient to protect his identity even though he know this is about his hairy ass:)

when asked what he did that was so fucked up
Patient responded:

I'm just bummed because of a female. She used to have a crush on me back in the day, we reconnected , talked for hours on the phone (when i say hours i mean 7+ hours a day and it killed my monthly minutes).
 I drove way out to her house to "hangout" and shit got weird.
She seemed like she liked me, we made out a little, but then night got real weird. She was broke and asked if i could drive her to her work so she could get a loan from a co-worker. Me being a nice guy i said sure. Then she had me park around the corner because as she put it, "her co-worker likes her and flirts with her, so she didn't want him to see her with me". I did as told and she got her money. We go back to her house and start to watch a movie, but she is constantly texting someone. i see its from some guy and he is thanking her. Movie is almost over and at the climatic end (It was Scream 4), and there is a knock at the door.
She gets up See's its some guy and says she will be right back. She barely opens the door, just enough for her to fit out, and sits outside talking to him. She then comes back in sayin her "friend"s sister just committed suicide and she has to go with him so her kids don't get taken away by CPS. I go leave as she is driving off with him.
I thought that it was a really weird way to end the night. we talked on and off and all of a sudden she changed her status to being in a relationship and I'm like WTF???? She said some guy wouldn't leave her alone, so she did that to scare him off.
Ive learned alot from my past relationships that have been sour, That's the best thing about them is the learning experience. I haven't had too many real bad ones, as i think you know, even after the break-up, i have remained friends with most (almost all) of my exes. But there where a few where i was cheated on and majorly burned, and i know the warning signs and the big red light was flashing. i saw what i thought were signs, but am now being told that its not what i thought. So i spilled my guts to her and now i think she thinks I'm crazy, which i probably am
I really haven't talked to her for a while (until today) and just spilled my guts. Told her how i have been burned and the signs that i saw kinda scared me. Ive learned not to let people in close to me, as i am afraid of being heartbroken, and i just saw myself falling for her way too fast and when all these weird circumstances popped up, i thought back to my time with Elizabeth and figured i was being played (which i might have been).
She says differently, but i don't know who to trust, her or my gut. After i told her everything all she could really say is, "um WOW... I'm speechless... I really didn't expect to hear that... Let me take all this in one mo again..." then i asked for her to say something and her reply was, "I'm... well... i really didn't expect to hear that from you... my chin is literally still on the ground...".
Am i crazy or what?!?!?

Yeah.... that's what i thought too boys and girls.... bitch is playin games. Patent has a history of being the "NICE" guy. He has always shown me love and respect, and that's sayin a lot...

DR. MAD WHITE WOMAN We were always cool, even when bitches weren't:) you always stood up for me, always had my back.
Sounds like said female is playing games. It's fun and easy.
Maybe she's not, and maybe I'm wrong. Maybe she's shocked cause you were honest... maybe your gut was right. I don't think your crazy at all. Sometimes REAL feeling are scary. And sometimes spilling it scares others...
Doesn't make you crazy. It makes you real, and real is scary.

PATIENT: That's what i thought, when i see things that are kinda weird and not right, i just get this feeling. She said she really liked me, and we were real close to doing some "dirty dancing" before dude showed up, but some things just wernt adding up.
I too was wondering if she was shocked because i saw right through her, and she hasn't told me that I'm wrong, just everything that i typed.
This is why Scorpios and Scorpios don't mix! Oh the sex might be SUPER CRAZY, but there's also alot of headbutting! I WISH I WAS WRONG

DR Yeah... but if you continued playing her game. Where would you be? Broken? Maybe she has a good excuse, but wouldn't there always be doubt?
Makes me wanna drive my ass over there and kick hers

 in all reality it was just a shit storm of unfortunate events that made him feel this way,
 I hope for bitches sake at least...

Why do you stupid bitches have to ruin the good ones for us legitimately trying to find a good man?? I don't know this chick, so i don't know her circumstance, but i do know a few of the other bitches who have scarred this great dude, to you I say FUCK OFF AND DIE... What the patient did here though in spilling his guts was a classic DAMAGED CHICK move... so you stupid bitches, this is what you sound like only worse, and DUDES, take a lesson from a gentleman, its OK to say how you feel, in fact its better than being an arrogant ass, this patient, instead of being all love sick puppy, or fucking asshat, decided to COMMUNICATE!!!

and if any of you real females are looking for a great dude, let me know, Ive got a line on a winner, so there is that...